Frequently Asked Question

What is home interior design? +

Home interior design is an art of creating empty home spaces into functional and beautiful spaces by crafting a perfect design plan with proper division of spaces and adding multiple elements that includes furnitures, appliances, dedicated units, color scheme and decor elements based on your preferences and the space. Interior design enhances the look and feel of your home.

what is the difference between interior designers and carpenters? +

Interior designers are skilled and professional experts who design your space with aesthetic and functional elements to make it better. Meanwhile carpenter are skilled craftsmen who construct and install materials on the field as per the given plan and execute it. Interior designers work with carpenters to implement the design plan.

Do you do both traditional and contemporary designs? +

Yes. Our interior designers in hyderabad are experts in do both traditional and contemporary interior designs. They are known for their trendsetting design styles. More over we do other trending styles such as scandinavian, minimalistic, bohemian and more.

Why should i chose dinteriors over carpenters? +

We at dinterio have experience over 10 years. we have designers who are specialist in interior designing with proper degrees. we will provide you interior designing in an affordable price allover hyderabad

Can i see my project in 3d models? +

Yeah absolutaly you can see your project how will it look when it is completed

Does Dinterio gives offices designing also? +

Yeah we at dinterio provides you home and offices interior designing services.

Do you also provide furniture? +

Yes we provide you the best furniture to make your house look 100 times better

Does Dinterio Provides services if we have not too much budget? +

Yeah we at dinterio can provide you interior designing at a normal budget too!

Does Dinterio Provides services Outside hyderabad too? +

No currently dinterior is only available in hyderabad but we are looking towards Expanding Our soon.


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